Type Mappings

The types used for properties in .60 design markup each translate to specific types in C++. The follow table summarizes the entire mapping:

.60 Type C++ Type Note
int int
float float
bool bool
string sixtyfps::SharedString A reference-counted string type that uses UTF-8 encoding and can be easily converted to a std::string_view or a const char *.
color sixtyfps::Color
brush sixtyfps::Brush
image sixtyfps::Image
physical_length float The unit are physical pixels.
length float At run-time, logical lengths are automatically translated to physical pixels using the device pixel ratio.
duration std::int64_t At run-time, durations are always represented as signed 64-bit integers with millisecond precision.
angle float The value in degrees.
structure A class of the same name The order of the data member are in the lexicographic order of their name


For user-defined structures in the .60 code, a class of the same name is generated with data member in lexicographic order.

For example, if you have this structure in the .60 file

export struct MyStruct := {
    foo: int,
    bar: string,

It would result in the following type being generated:

class MyStruct {
    sixtyfps::SharedString bar;
    int foo;